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Vendor Reservations

  • Vendors will be required to commit to a minimum of one month at $50 per Saturday in the upcoming month

  • Each vendor spot is will be large enough for 1 food truck to parrallel park

  • Please come fully equipped with a generator if need for electricity and water if needed.

  • All vendors will need to bring their own setup (truck, table, tent, signage, product to sell, power cords)

  • Make sure to let us know in the "Business Description" exactly what you sell

  • Set up is 7:30-8:30am, Breakdown 2pm-3pm (No early departures)

  • Vendors can not sell water due to an exclusivity agreement that is in place with a water vendor.

  • Vendors are allowed to sell any other type of non-alcoholic beverages aside from water. Thank you for understanding.

  • Sell what you know best and you will do GREAT! Airline & I-20 is a very, very busy area on Saturdays and the Mall has plenty of parking for easy access to shop the Bossier City Farmers' Market. We are  putting a lot of money, time and efforts to really promote this market to benefit all of our vendors!

Farmers/Artists/ Local Businesses & Hobbyists


CONGRATULATIONS & WELCOME ABOARD! We are excited to host local farmers at the Pierre Bosser Mall off of the busy Airline and I-20 intersection.You as a business owner have made a great decision to sign up! This is a great way to get exposure to your local community face-to-face, SELL SELL SELL and have a great time.



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