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Bossier Farmers' Market Goes Green!


(Official 2015 Sponsor of the Bossier City Farmers' Market)

Bossier City Farmer’s Market Goes Green!

Recycling at this year’s 1st ever Farmer’s Market in Bossier City.

Bossier City, LA — The Bossier City Farmer’s Market, in cooperation with Precision Waste Solutions, announced today there will be a “greener” look to the upcoming Bossier City Farmer’s Market. For the first time, the fair will be providing recycling bins for collection of beverage bottles and other plastic materials every Saturday, starting on August 1st through December 19th.

“We are very excited to be making this positive step,” said Lyndsi McGinley, Vice President of Precision Waste Solutions. “We anticipate this effort will build on Bossier City’s residential and commercial recycling program successes and yield more materials away from the landfills and help keep Bossier City beautiful.”

The new recycling program will involve 10 bins located throughout the Market at Pierre Bossier Mall. They will be coupled with garbage cans and can be identified by their green labeling and recycle symbols. Attendees are encouraged to use these bins for disposing of their recyclable beverage containers during the market. These include plastic, soda, and water bottles.

Attendees are urged to ensure that absolutely no other non-recyclable materials, besides plastics are to be placed in the containers.

About Precision Waste Solutions

We are a waste management and recycling company offering a “single source solution” for all waste handling and equipment needs. Our specialty is developing and implementing cost effective waste management and recycling strategies for commercial and industrial business owners. We take pride in streamlining any type of waste volume, creating value in recyclables, reducing truck traffic and making sure all of our waste and recycling programs are as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We strive to stay ahead with the most innovative waste removal and recycling strategies available.

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